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AutoRotor Capri 90

Milking goats “all inclusive” – the side-by-side rotary milking parlor

The AutoRotor Capri 90 from GEA Farm Technologies is a side-by-side rotary milking parlor for goats that meets the highest demands. Ergonomically positioned equipment will make things easier for the operator; animal-friendly milking places and a well thought out milking system provide optimum comfort for your goats, and help increase productivity. The AutoRotor Capri 90 is a total solution: from the milking stall, through milking equipment, to the professional dairy-management-system, designed especially for goats. The AutoRotor Capri 90 is available with 24, 32, 40, 48 and 64 places optionally obtainable as single-round-operation, with surrounding railing or with retention arm in multi-round-operation.

Easy access: no stress
The tapering entry rails ensure that the goats enter the rotary milking parlor in an orderly manner. As they enter the box, the walk-through identification system is an efficient way of identifying the animals (optional).  A manual or automatic closing gate closes and opens the entry box. Thus enables a convenient control on movement of animals as well as a convenient animal and group change.

An agreeable milking atmosphere
Cluster and control units are positioned right at working height. As milking starts automatically it is not necessary to push a button. The cluster can be positioned without any delay and you will obtain high milk efficiency and a high throughput.
The platform of the rotary milking parlor is made from a non-slip material so that your goats have a safe surface to stand on. Robust place dividers ensure that milking takes place calmly. Do you prefer a hands-on approach? No problem: because you have a complete overview right next to you (thanks to the milking and parlor control unit) you can step in quickly if you need to.

Work and cost effective 
A selection area (optional) in front of the exit allows the direct selection of animals from the platform.
A separate selection is not necessary.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Ergonomic milking place technology
  • Specially designed entry box
  • Platform made from a non-slip material
  • Individual upgrade with standard or high-tech control equipment is possible
  • Integrable and forward-looking DairyManagementSystem 21, DairyPlan G21, unique for the professional control and analysis of data for the goat milk producers
  • Specially produced rotary coupling
  • Travelling speed adjusts smoothly to the speed of milking
  • Integrated selection from the platform

The control unit ensures that the specific conditions of goat milk production will be

considered. These particularly include the following features:

  • Milking starts automatically
  • Controlled entry due to the special design of the entry box
  • Platform rotation occurs in the start/stop mode matched to the speed of the

  • The milking parlor offers the possibility to move around one place, ready for

    the next goat to enter.
  • Monitoring of the last milking place visualized on indicator light at the OPG

Additionally the following features in the multi-round-operation appear:

  • Number of rotations will be adjusted to the goats individual stripping quality
  • One selection area may be upstream of the exit area for the individual selection

    from the platform
  • Goats can be individually omitted
  • Animals can go individually another round
  • If the unit cannot identify the animals, no automatic milking takes place.
  • Central switching from milking to rinse

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 AutoRotor Capri 90