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Milking Shed

Rely on state of the art technology!

Regardless of herd sizes, conditions of space or human resources GEA Farm Technologies offers adequate milking sheds, cluster, milk meters and hygiene equipment.

WestfaliaSurge Rotary Milking Systems

Our AutoRotor milking parlours revolutionized milk production around the world more than 10 years ago. Since then, adjustments have been continuously made to fit your needs and they now set the standard for time saving milk production, automatic stimulation, quiet and continuous milk flow.

Milfos Rotary Systems

The product line Milfos from GEA Farm Technologies offers you an integrated solution. This solution starts with the stalling that is required to suit your farming system.

WestfaliaSurge Herringbone Milking Sheds

Short distances, open access, and good visibility for operators: Allows you to concentrate on milking and not on time consuming, routine work with our practical and flexible herringbone milking parlours.

Milfos Herringbone Milking Sheds

The product line Milfos from GEA Farm Technologies introduces the herringbone milking sheds iCLASSIC, iNDEXA and iSOLATOR.

WestfaliaSurge Milk Meters

By measuring milk yields precisely, you gain important information about the efficiency and health of every single animal, the herd and your work. Use the coordinated engineering of our modular system for your operational plan.

WestfaliaSurge Hygiene Equipment

GEA Farm Technologies believes that quality milk is only possible by following the best udder and milking hygiene practices. GEA Farm Technology rinsing and cleaning systems provide a professional solution that can be integrated into any parlour.

WestfaliaSurge Cluster

Every udder is different! Choose your individual cluster from our modular system that features a wide variety of coordinated components suited to meet your needs. Results are better fitting and mobility, ergonomic handling, a stable vacuum and optimum milk flows.

Milfos Clusters

iC330 and iC275 clusters are suitable for use with low, medium and high yielding animals.