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GEA becomes a partner of the Dairy Farming Institute in China
Düsseldorf, November 26, 2014 – GEA Group will contribute its expertise to Nestlé’s freshly inaugurated Dairy Farming Institute in Shuangcheng in Northeast China (Heilongjiang Province) as a designated partner for milking and hygiene.
GEA Farm Technologies crowned a successful EuroTier 2014 with two awards ''Neuheit des Jahres'', novelty of the year 2015
365FarmNetBönen/Hannover, November 14, 2014 – The EuroTier 2014 was a great success for GEA Farm Technologies. With a stabile number of visitors compared to last EuroTier the interest of our customers in the future-oriented total solutions for milk production and livestock farming was huge.
On the path to growth through automation, network integration and innovations
EuroTier 2014Bönen/Hannover, November 11, 2014 – Since the last EuroTier GEA Farm Technologies has continued to consistently position itself as a Total Solutions provider.
GEA Farm Technologies product innovations awarded with two DLG Silver medals
EuroTier 2014 medalsPrior to the EuroTier two product innovations of GEA Farm Technologies have been awarded with silver medals.
GEA Farm Technologies: a new partner of 365FarmNet
365FarmNetWith the start of EuroTier 2014 GEA Farm Technologies and 365FarmNet announce their cooperation.
Technological trend-setting innovations
GEA will present an overview of all new developments at the EuroTier 2014.
MIone with new MilkRack and new CIP – the new generation in terms of safety, comfort and performance
MIone with new MilkRack and new CIPWith the new MilkRack and a new cluster cleaning system, the MIone offers even greater safety, comfort and performance.
Innovative Manure Management by GEA: New Scraper Systems for Free Stalls
Scraper Free StallsWith the new generation of scraper systems for underfloor channels, as well as deep grooves and pre-fabricated tubes, GEA Farm Technologies is offering individual solutions to meet a variety of needs in free stalls. ...
New GEA Feed Bunker GM 17 improves feed dosage
GM17GEA Farm Technologies has developed a new feed bunker for automatic feeding systems. ...
Automatic Milking Stall Module DairyProQ before Market Launch
DairyProQThe innovative GEA prototype of the DairyProQ caused quite a stir at the Euro Tier 2012 and has been awarded there with the DLG gold medal. ...
Farm of the Future:
Farm of the FutureVision of sustainable total solutions of GEA Farm Technologies
GEA Farm Technologies crowned a successful EuroTier 2012
with the award -Neuheit des Jahres-, novelty of the year 2013, for DairyProQ
GEA Farm Technologies has acquired Milfos International Limited
NewsGEA Farm Technologies increases its expertise in pastoral based dairy farming
GEA Farm Technologies product innovations awarded with DLG Gold and Silver medal
NewsPrior to the EuroTier even two innovations -Made by GEA- have been awarded by the DLG.
World first GEA DairyProQ –
NewsContinuous fully automatic milking - this is no longer a pipe dream.
GEA DairyProView -
NewsThe first software for the complete overview of milk production.
GEA CowView –
Innovative Health and Fertility Management.
Farm of the Future –
Vision of sustainable total solutions of GEA Farm Technologies.
GEA Farm Technologies and FARESIN Industries Spa enter into an exclusive distribution partnership:
New line of products expands the product portfolio of Total Solutions
CowScout S -
Automated heat detection in real time – Increases insemination success at lower reproduction costs
Girls‘ Day bei GEA Farm Technologies -
Schulbank gegen Werkbank tauschen
Close up from a distance:
Innovative Teleservice and Condition Monitoring System FarmView available immediately
PCool Milk Cooling Tanks:
Cooling Efficiency for Smaller Dairy Farms
MIone Days 2012:
NewsInternational Symposium on the theme of Automatic Milking
New leadership:
Dr. Ulrich Hüllmann becomes Segment President of GEA Farm Technologies
Robust, animal friendly and easy to operate - the new self-locking safety feed fences from GEA Farm Technologies
Total solutions for the best milk quality and yield optimization
Welcome to GEA Farm Technologies!
WelcomeOur range of total system solutions grows consistently. Our heritage is shaped by company names which still have an importance as strong players in the market and which represent world class performance in the sector of livestock farming. We enable producers worldwide with our total system solutions to manage the future of their businesses on a sustainable and profitable basis.