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High-tech lobe pumps that clean themselves

RPL_Vaccum Pump

The RPL series is equipped with a three-lobe rotor in a durable housing. Only with this special construction vacuum production for milking installations can be efficiently increased. The three-lobe rotors run smoothly and quietly without making contact and exhaust noise is limited to a minimum.  This will be optimized by a newly designed pressure compensator. The gear wheels of the drive have parallel teeth and are manufactured to very high tolerances. This type of precision guarantees perfect synchronization during operation and lowest wear and tear.

The vacuum pumps of the RPL series do not need regular rinsing. The cyclone principle and effective filters for fluids and solid particles care for cleanliness. Even in very tough environments a specifically designed separator in a 230 litres vacuum tank ensures optimal cleaning of the suction air and offers highest safety and efficiency.

Power for any situation:
Each RPL vacuum pump is designed to allow a frequency converter to be fitted at a later date. This will smoothly adjust the capacity of the vacuum pumps in line with the vacuum requirement of the milking installation. This helps to reduce energy costs by more than 50%.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Reduces the energy costs by more than 50%
  • Efficient vacuum production with a three-lobe rotor system
  • Cyclone principle makes regular rinsing dispensable
  • Environmentally-friendly and low-maintenance

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