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The multifunction arm for the whole milking process

How much weight do you lift every year? There are already approximately 200 tons on a farm with 100 cows and milking twice a day. It does not have to be like that. Just use our multifunction arm. It automatically assists you to apply the cluster and helps with a lot more.  The name says it all Posi for optimal positioning and care. And that is just what you can expect throughout the whole milking process! PosiCare is easy to use: start by simply pressing a button.

A high level of support!
At the milking place PosiCare takes the weight of the cluster during attachment. So you can take the strain from the arm and shoulder and save time as well as effort at work. When milking cows with short, thin teats or uneven udder shapes PosiCare reduces potential liner slip problems and you dont have to make manual readjustments during the milking process.

PosiCare positions the cluster individually

The arm follows every movement of the cow. It reduces the twisting and dragging forces acting on the udder. During the milking process the weight will be evenly distributed on all udder quarters. At the same time adhesion problems are counteracted. PosiCares special finish milking function ensures a shorter milking time per cow The result is: higher throughput rates and optimum udder health as well as an ergonomically designed workplace for the operator. The slim design of the multifunction arm provides an unrestricted view of the udder at all times.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Easier attachment
  • Better positioning
  • Balanced weight distribution on all udder quarters
  • Minimize adhesion problems
  • Shorter milking times and perfect finish milking
  • Easy handling

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