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Hightech milking comfort even without clawpiece

Years of experience in milking sheep and goats were the basis for the development of the TopFlow cluster. Brilliant is the concept of valve technology: You can turn the vacuum on and off, while easily moving the outer shell up and down. This is just one detail of many others that allows a maximum ease of use and considerable time savings. Prerequisite for animal-friendly milking is a lack of air ingress. The special valve technology ensures that the vacuum supply will be immediately interrupted should the teat cup jackets fall off.
Gentle milk transport without a clawpiece
The cluster operates without a clawpiece. This makes the positioning of the cups easy even for very difficult udder shapes. The direct ventilation at the teat cup jacket accelerates the milk transfer and thus prevents a blockage effect. Even at high milk yields an uninterrupted, smooth milk flow is guaranteed without use of a clawpiece.

Transparency creates a good view
The transparent design of the silicone teat rubbers, the teat cups and the milk carrying hoses allow continuous visual monitoring.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Milking without a clawpiece offers effective positioning
  • Fast milk transport with air supply direct to the teat cup jacket
  • No air ingress during milking thanks to special valve technology
  • Transparent cluster through use of silicone material
  • Low vacuum milking
  • Less milking time
  • Simplifies milking of single-teat sheep