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To ensure that you have a successful start to your career we offer you the opportunity to receive thorough training or a dual course of study at the vocational university. Here you can obtain an overview of the various commercial and technical vocational training courses at GEA Farm Technologies.

Our range of training opportunities

Commercial training
  • Industrial clerk

Dual degree program

  • Bachelor of Arts – Economics and Management
  • Bachelor of Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science – Electrical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science – Informatics

Industrial / Technical training

  • Industrial mechanic
  • Mechatronic engineer
  • Warehouse logistics specialist
  • Electrician - Devices and systems

Selecting the right training is the most important decision after completing your schooling. Commercial or industrial/technical training at GEA Farm Technologies provides you with a high-quality foundation for your future career.
50 young adults are currently receiving vocational training within our company and have a good chance of continuing their employment with us upon completion. After completing your training you have the opportunity to obtain further qualifications and take on exciting tasks.

Are you ready for training at GEA Farm Technologies? Then visit our job center and apply for the vocational training of your choice.

Student internship

Are you searching for your dream job but are not quite sure which direction you wish to take? Then simply complete a student internship at GEA Farm Technologies, an internationally active company with an extensive range of training options.
An internship enables you to get your first taste of the diverse opportunities within the working world and to receive comprehensive information about individual professions. During an internship spanning several weeks you can experience one or more departments and gain an initial impression of our company. An internship can significantly simplify your decision regarding vocational training or university studies.

If you decide to participate in an internship at our company, please submit your application at an early date, at least eight weeks before the beginning of the internship. Please click here for your unsolicited application.